Revival – Episode 2 – Take Two

Mar 2nd 2006

Episode 2

Episode 2 as promised and it only gets better! Here are the links from todays show so yall can go check all the latest news out. We are sorry about the delay though – we had a real bitch of a technical error causing us to loose the whole show – but we only came back stronger with a re-recording that was worth the stress! Thanks to our guests Justin and Davee Blair (Justin says a big thanks to Al Dolega at Octona for hookin his skates up during BCSD – Due to our first technical hitch that got missed). So download it, check it out – let us know what you think with a comment, or of course email us using the contact page! See ya in a week guys – We are now weekly if you didnt know! Oh and if you use Itunes give it a few minutes to update – it will happen,

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  1. Foueddy-F says:

    Been wating for it :D

  2. Nick D says:

    Good job guys, you do an awsome job.

  3. JE says:

    I can’t believe the recording quality! It was a great time guys; I’m looking forward to doing it again. And remember kids, SUBSCRIBE THROUGH iTUNES.

  4. looks and sounds good thanks for talking about us.
    thanks for your work toward making us all look good

    The new Able site is up and well as the new team edit .
    hope you like it.
    Check us out

    peace out


  5. perris says:

    Soooooo gooood! Been waiting for it :D

  6. Ryan H. says:

    Hey man sick show! you guys gave me a whole bunch of info i had no idea was even going on…like alex skating for roces now.
    yeah well thanx cool show.

    check out my website at

    leave a comment on the blog to let me know you checked out my website.

  7. Mike says:

    Great Job! My favorite show! Cant wait for next weeks episode.

  8. oh…man…how cool….

    i thank god for podcasts every day! especially for such cool ones linke rr… hahahahhaha

  9. Great show guys, thanks for the props. As far as the news you mentioned for us the direct links are as follows:

    The Rat’s Ear – Messageboard

    The Rat’s Nest – Online Store

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