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Mar 15th 2006

Just a quick note on the podcast front. We’re steadily moving forward and looking to throw some video at our subscribers. If anyone has any exclusive footage/trailers they’d like to distribute via Revival and iTunes drop us a line @

Last week we completed episode 3, which was a very quirky show. I personally didn’t feel very together and although the show did come out good, I can’t help the desire to make it better each and every time. We’ve also had lots of comments about the length of the show. We’d love to keep it under 30 minutes, but we’d loose out on some news as our guests take up the majority of our time. How do you guys feel about that?

Revival is also steadily moving up the iTunes charts. Would you like to see rolling rep’ed in the top 100 sports podcasts? Then subscribe on iTunes and help Revival get up! It’s all about exposure!

I just got off the phone with Jon Julio, who’ll be our featured guest for episode 4. He’s agreed to come on the show and talk to us about the great stuff he’s doing with Valo and Empire. I really admire Jon’s dedication, so it’s great that he’s coming on the show. As a host and interviewer, it’s important that I remember that Jon is just a skater like you and me. True, he’s an icon in our sport, but a skater non the less. I have to go think up some good questions now; I’d like to be prepared this time.

If you have anything you’d like to ask Jon, drop a comment before 12:00PM tomorrow (Friday). I’ll be sure to ask him for you.


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  1. rolling stoned says:

    good job guys! keep up the fresh work!!

    here are the questions for jon!
    1.whats up with you and your native sponsors?? why did you leave England? 50/50? England was all you!! haha

    2.Also please give me insights on your old companies, DYNA, Runners Project, whey they all didn’t work out. Any pointers for up and coming brands?

    3. What exactly do you do with Valo? are there going to be new releases? new molds? Roces boots are pretty slim huh?

    can’t wait for the next issue

  2. Andrew "therailnutter" Walker says:

    for JJ

    1. What companys do you think are making the most difference for rollerblading right now?

    2. Is Tory going to be on the Valo team?

  3. special; ed says:

    hey hey hey jon, it’s ed. i love the l.e. skates, is there ever going to be an opprotunity to purchase those skins, or any skins for that matter? and will there be any future l.e. models?

    what is your insight on the industry’s condition? do you feel it’s in a good place? or in trouble? obviously, it’s not as big as it has been, but is seems now a bit more solid than it was in those days.

    what do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years when it comes to rolling? if there comes a time that you are unable to skate, will you continue to contribute to the sport?

    sorry for all the questions, but you have seen everything that rolling has to offer and it’s nice to listen to someone that knows what they are talking about.

  4. Philip Ormanovich says:

    How would you compare the American scene to the European scene.

    What is your favorite skatespot in the entire world?

    Did your parents support you when you first started?

    Have you ever had anal sex? If so. How was it?

    What’s it like having the same birthday as me. Must be pretty awesome, huh?

  5. Username565 says:

    How tall are you and how much do you weigh and which skate size do you wear?

  6. al dolega says:

    for JJ:

    -how has aging affected your skating? You turned 29 today, but we’ve all seen recent footage of you skating drop rails and other burly stuff so it doesn’t seem like you’ve slowed down. perhaps there are some things you’ve lost or gained that few have noticed?

    -what’s one trick that’s always escaped you- that you’ve always wanted to do and have always tried, but just can’t do? or maybe there’s one that comes and goes randomly? for me, it’s switch truespin topside negative rough citric acid- some days i just have to give up and only do it regular- *sigh* :)

    -does traveling so much ever wear on you? ever want to just hole up at home for a month or two?

    -how has working with Roces on Valo been? did they approach you with the idea or did you go to them? any chance we’ll see a Valo version of the Big Cats (the off-road skate they did a few years ago)?

    -What do you see as the best way for rolling to dig itself out of its present financial/participation slump? Any plans for Valo promoting beginner camps, instructional DVD’s, try-rollerblading events/days, or even a kid’s skate?

    -You’re always so calm and super-chill. Name something or someone that makes you want to break the zen facade and scream out loud.

    -Any plans to peel Starrballs away from updating the Valo website like a madman and get him skating in front of a camera?

    -Has your signature changed at all from years and years of applying autographs to skates, t-shirts, helmets and breasts with big sloppy Sharpies?

    -Most everyone on Valo is older and seems fairly mature, but i’m sure there’s still a good deal of babysitting involved in being the team manager/boss- what’s one thing you’d wish professional skaters in general, now or in past experience, would do better or take responsibility for?

    -what frames and wheels are you currently riding? I’ve heard rumors of a Roces-backed frame company…. what’s up with that?

    -Have you now or ever done an ugly trick on rollerblades?


  7. Tim says:

    Loads of cool questions guys! Keep em coming, we will be recording shortly!

  8. Rileyg says:

    Heres a few questions for JJ,
    What first made you want to get into the whole skating scene?
    Were your parents supportive of your skating?
    What were your first pair or skates?

  9. geg says:

    Hey Jon, what your doing with Valo I think is great. I love how you are trying to make your skates look like shoes more than anyother company right now, especially sence I am a huge shoe collector/fan. I’ve tried skating you’re pro skate though and they seem to be way too low cut that it is making it harder to do easy tricks. What I want to know is if you will ever make a skate that has a cuff that goes higher up.

  10. Basza says:

    Valo questions –
    a)when more or less we can expect Eric Bailey Pro model?
    b) is there any chance to expand the Euro team ? Did you think about it ?
    c) any plans to improve Valo frames or maybe even new frame projects?
    d) why is taking sooooo long to get Valo skates to local shop here in Poland ? :(

  11. bino says:

    yo….a few ?s for jj:

    1. any plans to revamp england’s team?
    2. any plans to bring back fishbones? – I miss yours dearly
    3. tim ward or tom fry?
    4. keep doin what youre doin, cause youre doin it the right way

    -love from socal

  12. Johnathan Hoch says:

    Now that extreme sports are in the mainstream how do you think they will continue to grow in the future?
    How do you feel about private parks running clinics on bmx, skateboarding and in-line skating compared to kids just skating around town or at a public park?
    Personally I feel that having clinics would be a benifit because kids would not only have someone who is more skilled than they are teaching them the do’s and don’ts but also motivating and helping that kid believe in themself and what they can do.
    Having skated for 10 years and played football for three, one on the college level. I know for a fact that if I had a place to go to where I had someone showing me proper techniques for skating, airing, grinding and spinning I would be 10 x’s the skater I am today.
    I know Woodward offers this, but not all of us have almost $1,000 to shell out for just one week.

    Thank you for all you have done for the sport I have always believed in. Without you and your maturity in-line skating wouldn’t be moving in the right direction.

    – Hoch

  13. Bryan Patton says:

    hey Jon, how do your joints feel after being a rollerblader for as long as you have?

  14. Dre from SJ says:

    yo whats good Jon.
    1) Just wonderin if England would ever release Volume on DVD. Without out a doubt one of the top 5 vids ever and youngsters today need to appreciate the quality of the skating and editing that that video had. Not to mention that frontside at john gill was off the hook.
    2) What is your favorite spot in…. The World, The USA, and San Jose.
    3) What was your favorite section to film for and why?
    4) What was your favorite “Era” to skate in, and do you feel that skating “back in the day’ or “oldschool” was better than nowadays?
    5)Will england ever offe baggier style clothes or are yall trying to move away from that?
    6) Explain the moment that you realized that skatting is not just for fun and it is something that will consume your life?

    yo just wanted to say thanks and man, i always looked up to you, since the photos in Team Paradise where england was first coming out and yall had turtle hats n shit.

    Dre from the 408

  15. Dre from SJ says:

    shit y bad i jus forgot tto add this too my other post ( if the mods could add this to my first post or sumthing)

    Name one trick, hammer, whatever you wanna call it that you will always member and be proud of>

  16. BigKneeMcGee says:

    i have a question for hon hoolio. well, two actually. firstly, how do you get your hair so smooth and wavey? do you use shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo and something else? i’ve heard rumours you soak your hair in olive oil to get it so shiny and sexy. whenever i use conditioner or olive oil my hair just becomes a greasy mess. so what’s your secret?

    and secondly. can i have one of the old england ‘soccer’ jerseys?



  17. julien says:

    who is your favourite skater ?

  18. JC says:

    Will you be doing any touring/traveling in the near future? If so, is florida on the list?

  19. Tim says:

    Well Im gonna ask about the IMYTA also ;)

  20. Toby Ivens says:

    Hi Jon im a big fan ive been rolling for the last few years and living in England meas that when its wet as it quite freqeuently is i play the odd computer game, my favourite is your Rolling game i know its old but is their any chance you could get your connections at ‘The Conference’ to get in contact with a computer game maker and try to make another more up to date game.
    Many Thanks

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