Revival – Vidcast 2 – Conference Tour MK

Apr 18th 2006

Vidcast 2

For our second videocast we are bringing you what went down from the Conference Tour – Milton Keynes stop – Easter Sunday. The locals ripped all day and then so did the pro’s on arrival (which was quite late hence the lack of clips.) Still we have a bunch of clips from the day as well as exclusive interviews with Billy O’Neill, Rachard Johnson, Oli Bennet, Adam Zurawiecki and others. We got the lowdown on new Sifika liners, USD Feinberg’s, new Stygma products as well as info on [B]unique from Fish just to name a few. We hope you enjoy this – it’s new to us and to you I assume, I also would personally like thank Ben Sach for filming the tricks, interviews & editing – so we owe this Episode to him. Also big up to old school Alex who was there after hearing about the event on Revival show 8 the night before and was cool enough to come chat! Subscribe on Itunes if you havn’t already, or download the video below – but be sure your upto date with the latest Itunes or Quicktime to peep it, it will also slot nicely onto your ipod video.

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8 Responses

  1. I like 2 roll on the ground says:

    Good to see some skating coverage & informative interviews. Well done for putting it together in such short time. I can see Rolling revival strengthening skating as it has a optimistic, community feel which is portrayed which some skaters seem to need more of nowadays. Keep up the good work guys!

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  3. chip says:

    Oli Bennet is with jus one N: BENET

  4. Sam Currie says:

    good work boyyyooo’s that was really nice, your like the parkinson of skating! peass x

  5. Tim says:

    Haha thanks Sam! See ya soon buddy!

  6. perris says:

    Damn, nice vidcast! Liked it!

  7. nick says:

    ha ha I’m in the vid mad!
    good work even tho i cnt watch it on college network any chance of sending me a mpeg version by email? (pretty please)

    all the best for the future!!!!

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