Revival – Vidcast 4 – Barely Dead Trailer

Jun 1st 2006

Vidcast 4

It’s with great anticipation and excitement that we here at Revival present the trailer to Doug Urquhart’s new release tentatively titled Barley Dead.

I’ve been in possession of this trailer for a number of weeks now and I can’t begin to tell you how enticed I was to drop the bomb on the general rolling population. It was only Doug’s specific instructions that the trailer not be released to the public that I held fast, ready and waiting to show you all what he’s been working on. As you all may know from Doug’s recent appearance on Revival, Barley Dead is being shot exclusively on HDV and Super16mm Film. To say Doug’s captured the aesthetic beauty of our sport would be an understatement. It’s really unfortunate that I have to release a compressed version of this on the podcast. I hope Doug find’s it in his heart to let you see the full 720X480 60MB version on Until then, stop what you’re doing cause Doug’s about to ruin, the image and the style that your used to.

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12 Responses

  1. Sam Currie says:

    Doug Urquhart, on behalf of rollerblading…THANK YOU

  2. Sean2Martin says:

    wow, just wow, that was amazing, purely amazing, i cant wait for this, its just so perfectly made, filmed, edited, skated.

    that YOU doug urguhart

  3. roll2life says:

    thats just sick.. those tricks and spots were so goddamm big, i cant wait for getting a copy of this.. DOUG URQUHART youre the best!!

  4. Dizoon says:

    Amazing, please the music of trailer please, thanks

  5. Nat says:

    Thats nuts.. arlos got a point and the day will come.. but god dam.. back pud to back back to top soul… i hate you farmer

  6. 33_WSM says:

    i have goosebumps after watching that

  7. Parkert says:

    Doug Urquhart, by using a super 16mm is not only impressive but astonishing. Combining new age with old age adds to this films potential to be “the” most important video in rollerblading today.

  8. shwingfromtheisland says:

    the song is souljacker by the eels

  9. longinus says:

    one day we’ll be on top and when that day comes JDU will definitely be on the list of people who got us there. WE owe him our thanks.

  10. kellen says:

    wow, that was impressive.
    i’ll deffinitley be ordering this video.
    and as for arlo, the man speaks the truth.

  11. Adam Aldaddah says:

    i was getting hyped off the trailer, i cant wait for the movie! damnn

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