Revival – Episode 14 – Be Unique

Jun 8th 2006

Episode 14

For this week we have some special guests once again – Courtney Brown from |B| unique and Azikwee Anderson from their new distributor Empire. Here are the links from the show on our page. Thanks a lot to both guy’s for taking time to come on the show and shed some light on a pretty elusive company which we all know and love! Thanks to our supporters yet again and our Sponsor Rat-Tail Distribution – Please help to keep us rolling and support the supporters!

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  1. Owen Narita says:

    since everyone wanted to know what was being said,
    I made one in english. I know the plan was to upload it on july or
    august but who cares.

    Witness Issue 1 english

    Check It Out

  2. oh yeah, one more thing I like the way you react to my enjoyable load I have a nice joke. What kind of shoes do lazy people wear? Loafers.

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