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Jul 7th 2006

Episode 16

So this week was a little different – It was my (Tim’s) first recording and editing – lots of technical problems to start but in the end we got things rolling. Another change as that Adrian is on vacation right now (Enjoy it!) and so we instead of missing another week – we brought in Revival’s special guest host Al Dolega to rep for the show!

Here are the links from the show on our page. We hope the show was ok for you, drop us a comment or an email to let us know and be sure to let us know of any news or events so we can represent you all! Thanks as always to our supporters yet again and our sponsor Rat-Tail Distribution – Please help to keep us rolling and support the supporters!

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  1. joey says:

    That show was a million times better than last weeks. Maybe Al should be on more often? His comments and knowledge were refreshing after Adrian’s dissapointing presence last week. I’m looking forward to #17.

  2. Ad®ian says:

    Couldn’t be more on the money about my appearance on last weeks show Joey. I’m pumped about the amazing job Al and Tim did! Better than great job fellas – amazing work and Al, I’d pay you if I had the money!

  3. al dolega says:

    i don’t need to git paid, i juss need to git hearrrrd!

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