Revival – Vidcast 7 – 5 Hours with Sim Warren

Jul 9th 2006

Vidcast 7

This vidcast is a slight change from our previous videos on Revival, It is a nice videocast by Ben Sach of 5 Hours with Deshi & Stygma rider Sim Warren. If you hav’nt checked out episode 15 and 16 yet of the audio podcast then I suggest you do – and more updates in the next few days. Let us know what you think as ever with a comment, and feel free to put this on your video Ipod or similar as it is formatted nicely for that!

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5 Responses

  1. bino_florentino says:

    nice…..good style and solid tricks. very cam card-ish style…..not a bad thing though =]

  2. Guy Crawford says:

    Holy shit that was amazing, nice work fella, never thought I’d ever see anyone do anything good in Rev, hahaha

    Respect for the flatspin sim!

  3. justin castro says:

    every time i watch this video it makes me want some deshi with xsjado plates

  4. Justin Whatley says:

    i have a question about is skate setup. Um wat size skate does he have and wat size Xsjado soul does he have cause i like the way it looks but i can’t figure out wat size i should get for my deshis? j/w

  5. Spary says:

    blap blap! killing it as usual! contrast wat!

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