Revival – Vidcast 8 – Valo Tour Stop MK

Aug 10th 2006

This videocast is from August 2nd 2006 during the Valo Tour Stop in Milton Keynes, UK. Edited and main camera is once again from Ben Sach, other filmers include myself and Tim Granshaw (thanks for lending your XM2!). We show you what went down on the day and more!

I also sat down with Eric and Jon to get the lowdown and some details on some of the new Valo boots and up coming projects. So enjoy the video and let us know what you think with a comment!

We have had a few issues with the feed and videos but all should be fine now. This means the Sim Warren Vidcast7 also works fine on itunes now so re-download now if you had it fail on you. Any problems let us know, Thanks.

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  1. sean says:

    cant wait for we are valo 2 its gunna be sick

  2. skater_punk99 says:

    i was there that day!!! was awsome
    awsome vidcast too, thanks revival :D

  3. remzroller says:

    Great edit!

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