Revival – Vidcast 11 – Boxtonaque

Sep 11th 2006

Here we have the 11th videocast for you guy’s kindly crafted by Nick and Nate Moore (thanks guys)! It showcase’s what went down at the Boxtonaque held by Al Dolega at Octona Skateshop. So sit back and enjoy some killer skating from Detroit from the likes of Brandon Fitzpatick, Shawn Bishop, Don Bambrick, Clay Bowers and many more.

Sorry episode 24 is not yet sorted, we have all been vary busy with it being back to school time. This video should hopefully keep you going until later in the working week when the show will be up. We will be recording it in the next 48 hours so if you have anything we should mention give us a shout. In the show you will be able to hear if you won some Undercover Wheels and we will also be giving away a copy of the sick Japanese DVD Bloodstained Concrete. If you have not yet entered to win some wheels listen to episode 23 and get your answers in quick sharp!

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8 Responses

  1. gipper says:

    Adrian we need to make some grind boxes ….ooh wait we live in Los Angeles we won’t have anywhere to put them!

    That was an excellent edit.

  2. Ad®ian says:

    We could build one in the secret room in my building I was telling you about.

  3. al dolega says:

    you guys live in california! there are perfect ledges everywhere!

  4. gipper says:

    ok, i haven’t stopped watching this edit yet…..i can’t get enough
    Boxtonaque 24/7

  5. greiscol says:

    son muy buenos videos los felicito por sus esfuersos sigan adelante.

  6. andrew says:

    ill b there next year

  7. jake says:

    that was ridiculous
    what is the song thats playing
    i hope video # 12 is even better

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