Revival – Episode 25 – Come Together

Oct 1st 2006

Episode 25

After a short delay from IMYTA / Hospital / etc – we are back! Our guest for this week plays a big part in the IMYTA – Azikwee Anderson. We recap what happened at the event, discuss the new Able frames and Empire Products such as the Heat DVD and much more. We are also announcing the winner of the Bloodstained concrete DVD contest and have another POTW! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think as ever.

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6 Responses

  1. bald_gye says:

    hey, u recon u guys could level the vol on ur voices its rediculas one min its very quitet and i have to turn it up then all of a sudden its super loud and i wake pep up…..

  2. Ad®ian says:

    Damn, I’m sorry. I did my best to ensure the levels were even. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, please drop a note and let us know.

  3. craig brocklehurst says:

    fuck that would be so cool if it was in Japan, so much closer to me in asia as opposed to US or europe.

  4. The show was nice, i really loved to hear Azikiwee, he got so much energy he spend for the community.

    Yes, there was a sound issue, sometimes it was low, sometimes too high, and someone was breathing for 3 or four minutes in the mic while clicking on his pc it was a bit annoying ;)

  5. gipper says:

    I think having rollingRevival in other languages would rock!..It would be funny/entertaining to hear someone translating your voices to another language!

  6. Ad®ian says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, I’ve re-encoded episode 25 using an advanced RMS-based compressor/limiter combination to level out volumes in the show. The results were pretty impressive and I’ll be using the same techniques in future episodes.

    Anyone who had trouble with volume levels should re-download 25 and have another listen. I think you’ll agree, it’s much better now.

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