Revival – Vidcast 17 – Bittercold 07 #1

Mar 2nd 2007

We have two sick vidcasts coming from Bittercold Showdown this year – this is the first one An Official Brazilionaire Joint from Reality Media. Check out what went down at the event and look forward to our vidcast from Dan Kinney and Al in the next few weeks. We also have a new show being finalised now to go up so expect that in the next few days!

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  1. […] Сегодня вышли два новый видкаста, один как всегда от RollinRevival с очень крутым эдитом с Bitter Cold ShowDown, деqствительно очень хороший эдит. А второй от Razors – забавный видкаст о том как же можно перекрасить свои ролики, оказывается это так просто, но это нужно проверить, ведь не ясно что качественнее покраска или их способ. […]

  2. Adam says:

    one of the best edits ive seen yet, good job Brazil.

  3. Boris says:

    it doesn’t work for me, please help me. Tim?

  4. Tim says:

    Does it start to play or just mess up all together? Let me know and I will re-upload or advise appropriately. Thanks man,

  5. rock says:

    yep, it doesnt work for me too.
    ive got the newest quicktime player but it wont play.
    and when i try to stream it there is a big “?” in the player window.
    i had never problems with revival edits but somthing is different with this edit.

  6. Tim says:

    Try changing the m4a file extension to mp4 if not download rather than stream and it should work better! Sometimes on streaming because quicktime isn’t always the set player for m4v (itunes is) it comes up with that.

  7. rock says:

    i forgot about it.
    also the downloadet version wont work for me.
    and the download-file isnt a .m4v file for me it is a .mov file.

    anyways i tried to change the file extension but nothing happens.

    and i have to mention the new part 18 works very well. like always. its just part 17 that makes problems.

  8. Phil says:

    It doesn’t work for me too :(

  9. Guillaume says:

    It doesn’t work for me either!

  10. taylor c says:

    hahaha my man brazil.

  11. Yorik_s says:

    супер оригинально

  12. YoGun says:


  13. saishan says:

    Взял себе :)

  14. klim says:

    “Блог в ридер однозначно”

  15. flash says:

    мне нра) хорошая идея.

  16. а в каком это городе,какой стране??очень креативненько!!!!!)))))

  17. Спасибо огромное!

  18. timnike says:

    “Работай с умом, а не до ночи”

  19. Maks says:

    “соглашусь с автором”

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