Revival – Vidcast 37 – Skatemeet 5

Mar 21st 2008

At the end of January Dale Travers brought the a skatemeet up from London to Essex (Saffon Walden to be exact) to session the bowls and park. We got very lucky with the weather and skaters from all over came out to skate and hang with freinds. Some of the days footage was captured so Artur and Greg put this little edit together to show just some of the fun we had. You can also check it out on our youtube page which has every vidcast up on it, or look through our archives if you want to download any past edits. If you enjoyed the edit be sure to let us know and keep an eye out for many more videos and audio podcasts to come!

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6 Responses

  1. Shnakepup says:

    What song is that? It’s awesome.

  2. Tim says:

    Yeah it is such a good song, Binary Star – Slang Blade.

  3. Shnakepup says:


  4. al dolega says:

    check out that whole album, Masters of the Universe, it’s one of my favorites! Detroit represent!

  5. dwen says:

    yo magic !
    that’s not me doing the sweaty ! or i didn’t i could do them switch!

  6. Tim says:

    I know I didn’t edit it and I knew it wasn’t you but whatever haha – more to the point why is there not any legit clips of you? Maybe next time!

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