Revival – Vidcast 46 – Dirty South Montage

Aug 18th 2008

Seth Waterhed just dropped me this SICK new montage for you all to peep (thanks Seth)! Featuring John Kelso, Adam Ehalt, Daniel Henderson, Josh Appleton, Adam Mcmanus, Brady Johnston, Dustin Hinson, Steven Tat, David Sizemore, Daniel Pope and Dallas (sorry I don’t know your last name). Keep an eye out for more fresh content coming soon from Revival. You can also check it out on our youtube page if you so desire.

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  1. midland.mag says:

    Super duper dudes! Keep it up!

  2. Joe Javad FRSH says:

    i just wanted to say that no matter how hard i tried my team members on FP and peeps in the inline industry have always seemed to let me down. So now im here, Joe Javad Navron, owner of an elite brand producing some of the freshest clothing rollerblading has ever seen, to tell you all that life is a joke. you aint shit. you aint gonna b shit. QUIT. you aint got no future riding around on urethane wheels QUIT while ur ahead shmuck. ur gonna fall and get hurt then ur gonna go 2 a comp and see that everyone is good bc our sport is EASY and now ur gonna realize ur fucked. ur done u aint gotta future. Anyone can rollerblade u little puke. get a skateboard or get a job u little puke. QUIT!

  3. Joe Navaran says:

    Hey, I’m the real Javad Navran and I didn’t say that you little puke.

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