Revival – Vidcast 9 – 2Feet Teaser

Aug 19th 2006

Vidcast 9

This videocast is the exclusive first teaser for 2Feet – the follow up to Feet by Lonnie Gallegos! It’s only short and very teasing but a longer trailer will be up before the launch on Revival also!

“2 feet by Lonnie Gallegos Feeturing:
Chris Huffy, Robert Guesser, JC Rowe, Matt Moya, Ben Schwab, Michael Obedoza, and a whole slew of unknown amateurs and high grade professionals.

We’ve been having entirely too much fun with this one. Everyone has been skating really well, and nobody is dead (yet). Its scary when Chris Huffy calls and tells me “I don’t really like my footage so far.. we need to get some bigger stuff.” 2feet is scheduled to be in stores Dec 1. Lets hope I don’t lag on getting the master to the duplicator. 2feet, get it for X-mas, Hanukkah, or just because you like cool stuff. Enjoy!

-The 2feet Chumps”

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5 Responses

  1. Captain Hook says:

    why would you conciously advertise yourself as a chump. Dont you know this is just a word for an ignorant and inferior fool. Is that a good thing? Are you guys proud of that? What the fuck makes everybody else so great that you would want to advertise yourself as being lower than them? Do you honestly feel that this rollerblading lifestyle is inferior to other lifestyles? I dont personally and it makes me sad to have people with this mindstate involved in MY lifestyle, it makes me think they dont deserve to be a part of it. Chris Haffey could be described as a 2FOOT KING, a 2foot savage, a 2foot genius, a 2 footer clownin your pussy ass lifestyle and make you think about rock and roll legend, but not a chump, get it right or pay the price!! And lift your red eyed heads out of the gutter, that shit is neither cute nor funny my dogs.

  2. anthony negrete says:


  3. obidobi says:

    it’s not abodes. IT IS O-B-E-D-O-Z-A

    i take that very personal guys. sorry to be so rude about it. but it was sort of rude for you guys to not even try to ask on how to spell my last name.

    oh and btw 2feet will rock your socks.

  4. Tim says:

    Sorry dude that was a quote we were given. In our edit’s we have spelled it right, il fix it now.

  5. hugo sousa says:

    ei does any body knows the name of the music of chris haffey part… ? I love the music, but no idea who’s the band..
    thank’s a lot..

    reply no my email please..

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