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Dec 16th 2006

So today I was super juiced to see our new Revival Stickers had arrived courtesy once again of JOHN PLAXTON at Outerlimitz (Thanks so much John!) So keep an eye out at your favorite park or spot for them. Soon we will hook up a good way for you guy’s out in internet land to get hold of them to represent!

While on the subject of John and Outerlimitz I would like to mention we will be giving away some SICK items in the coming weeks from his DEVISE Wheel project. Devise was started out of necessity in 2000 after needing not only a wheel brand out in Australia but one that could hold up well on all forms of aggressive skating. After early faults were assessed the core was re-engineered with a trapezium profile and now top skaters and amatures alike are rocking out the latest edition wheels to the max!

Luckily for us and for you we have some of these sick wheels to giveaway but also some of the really slick looking softgoods. I have posted a picture of some of the wheels which I am rocking right now and I suggest if your in need of a new set you take these into consideration. Be sure to check out the Outerlimitz site and you know you are going to get the best service as John is really holding it down for the Aussie scene and helping to put Revival out to all corners of the globe.

So be sure to check out our stickers and Devise in the near future. I don’t have to say any of this but I feel you guy’s should know whats up and check out some of the great people who are helping to keep revival growing. So thanks once again John & the guy’s out in Australia – and listen out for episode 31 dropping very shortly where we will be giving away more DVD’s and concluding Shane Coburn’s interview!

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  1. Nick says:

    Nice, the new stickers look great. I’ll have to find a way to get my hands on some so they can go on the lap top and the local park.

  2. Tim says:

    I will hook some up with pleasure! I am just trying to find the best way so I don’t loose a million bucks posting thousands of stickers :) haha

  3. yeah. tell us in issue 31 about the stickers and the way we can get them! i want to represent it! because R.R. is sick.

  4. Tim says:

    31 Is being edited now so it will be 32, but for now I guess if you hit me up on aim or something I can send some out. Maybe $2 via paypal for shipping or a stamped addressed envelope. Either way I want to get them out to you guys! Thanks for supporting as ever!

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