Revival – Vidcast 35 – The Razor SL Aragon 2

Mar 11th 2008

The New Razor Aragon 2 SL has just dropped, we get our hands on one of the first pairs to show you what they are all about! Revival co-host Al Dolega explores the new Razors skate – the first model in the new “SL” boot mold. Thanks to Alex Beaupre for the great filming and editing – Al breaks the skate down and covers the innovative new design piece by piece, and then Razors pro Don Bambrick shows us how to put them to good use. All this in beautiful HD quality! (as long as you are not watching it on your youtube page haha) If you enjoyed the edit be sure to let us know and keep an eye out for many more videos and audio podcasts to come. Sorry it is up a few days after the release of the skate, but we had been asked to hold off until today and so we of course obliged!

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  1. dave says:

    sick vidcast Al, really enjoyed watching it.

    bit of an odd question but what size shell does Don skate?
    cause if that’s the 8-9 shell i’ll be so happy cause they look nice and small.

    can’t wait till my local gets these so i can pick a pair up.

    thanks for this great vidcast.


  2. BorisG says:

    Hay, nice edit! Now i know everyhing about this skates, thank you Al =)
    Loved the track dolly you used! And BAMBI is hella good

  3. Nick says:

    Great job Al I really enjoyed it. The edit was really in depth. I put up all the info about the edit on Canadian Roll so you guys hopefully get more hits.

  4. alexbeaupre says:

    Don skates a size 7, so its the smallest shell.

  5. al dolega says:

    Thanks guys! Props for the filming & editing should really go to Alex though- he worked his ass off on this and it shows! Only thing he forgot to put in was a credit to himself, haha. Alex uses the Canon XH-A1, 16×9 fish, and a baller homemade ladder-dolly setup, for those who are curious.

    It sucks we couldn’t put it up last Monday when it was done, but whatever.

    Don is naturally left-footed for those who didn’t know- so the outspin topacid, fishbrain, true makio, out3 porn, out3 makio, and true3 topsoul were all switch- amazing!

    Don skates the 6-7 shell because he is a little dude. His brother has the 8-9 shell and while they aren’t teeny tiny cute like Don’s, i think they look perfect for an 8-9 boot- pretty much the same shape as the Cults but a little wider at the bottom, which is good because the Cults are a little skinny-looking.

    Thanks for the linkage Nick!

  6. US Sizer says:

    Yeah, what’s the boot shell sizing? I hope it’s 7-8, 9-10, etc.

  7. al dolega says:

    US sizes are the same as the Cults: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13.

  8. roussel says:

    wow, really nice camera work on the skating, that slow zoom in from odd angles worked really well, props to who ever was filming that.

    screw the haters, these skates are amazing.

  9. CNDA says:

    I heard they run about a size big. So should I get a size smaller then my shoe size?

  10. antho says:

    probably the most informative, helpful skate review i’ve ever come across. keep ’em coming!

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