Revival – Episode 60 – Strictly Needle Drugs

Apr 27th 2010

Another two weeks, another blade news filled extravaganza. It’s never good when a skate session ends in the emergency room. This week we were saddened by the news about Chris Oplin taking a really bad fall. This of course brought us down the path to Universal Health care, which we apparently don’t know enough about. From there we managed to pick up the pace and smashed the best news in the biz. Rollerblading roots keep coming up, and it’s great to keep the legacy alive, but don’t forget perspectives on the future! Keep your eyes and ears peeled because the best rollerblading keeps doing down in the most unlikely of places… like “ar” kansas for example.

Don’t forget to also check out this weeks great POTW. Photo by Chris A Gerard. Enjoy!


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  1. Alan says:

    I don’t think the medical reform is giving anybody free health care now, its just a bunch of regulations to stop insurance companies from screwing customers over.

  2. Isaiah says:

    Ya I really really wish I was in England right now cause I’m in the hospatial now and I’m not scared bout the stiches or the cast it the damm medical bills they are gunna b rediclous!

  3. Isaiah says:

    i need a new episode i dont jst want it i need it please record another one or a vidcast something!!!

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