Week off!

May 7th 2006

Sorry people no show this week, 10 in a row it was time for a short break. But don’t worry – episode 11 and more will be coming up in the next week plus the winner to the clip 3 contest (you can still enter – listen to show 10 for info!) as well as hopefully some video for you all! So stay tuned, spread the word – and keep your eyes peeled for the up and coming shows!

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  1. toe-bee says:

    awww…so when will i know if i won the dvd?


    you guys deserved that break, after all the hard (unpaid) work you`re doing for all of us. thank you for rolling revival!

  2. Tim says:

    Winners will be announced in show 11 which is during next week. As the DVD’s will arrive next week we thought we would pass over the extra time to you all. Lots and lots of entries so far though!

  3. -jp- says:

    Gutted. I was sad when iTunes updated and it said no new podcast :(

  4. frodo says:

    same thing the first guy said. take a break from your probono blade work. thanks for all that has been produced so far and I look forward to all the goodness that is too come. unlimited support.

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