Revival – Episode 12 – Out at Night

May 19th 2006

Episode 12

After testing CDS grindplates like 10 years ago Al Dolega has slid swiftly onto show 12. Now Al run’s Night Hardware and Octonaskateshop and he gives us the lowdown on a bunch of exclusives on this weeks show. Here are the links from the show on our page. This week we have yet another contest where you could win one of 3 copies of the new M1 DVD – 20 to Life! Thanks to our supporters yet again and our Sponsor Rat-Tail Distribution – Please help to keep us rolling and support the supporters.

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  1. Alex Edwards says:

    Good work guys, I enjoyed this episode. Definately like having the guest on for the whole show too. Great news from Al about the possible deshi souls. I love the Night plates …since buying my Deshis i’ve been hoping they would bring some out.

  2. Azrider(ryan) says:

    awww you guys got the revolution edit thign wrong, it was of derek french and Jon Larson, not brad. & the japan thing you were talking about with chikito eito and stuff will be in the video “tricks” by dave poe.

  3. je says:

    i liked the guest through the show too, especially someone as generally unbiased as Al who is also pretty knowledgable. good job. anyway, the info about the canadian videos was incorrect. BETTER THAN BASEBALL is the newest release from SOL CREW, creators of CIRQUE DUH SOL EH?. It’s fucking amazing and definately blew my mind. I also hear good things about WHOS GAY NOW? but it is not their work. Thirdly, there is a third video out of Canada now called DO YOU KNOW HOWIE DO? Northern North America is going off.

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