Revival – Episode 13 – Casey on being humble

May 30th 2006

Episode 13

Sorry about this weeks delay. Adrian was skating all weekend. On this episode we are joined by the one and only Casey Bagozzi direct from the pre premiere BBQ / Session for his and Steve Kerr’s video “Humble Beings”. Here are the links from the show on our page. This week we announce winners for the M1 DVD’s also! Thanks to our supporters yet again and our Sponsor Rat-Tail Distribution – Please help to keep us rolling and support the supporters.

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  1. Nick D says:

    Hey, I havent gotten anything in my email, and I just heard I won., which is great.

    I can give you all my info here or through my email, so hit me up when ever you can.

    Thanks alot guys.

  2. Greg Allison says:

    I think maybe Tim thought you meant Slim Fast when he said he thought it was milk.

  3. smokemoore says: check it out….

    JSF for life watch out the first jsf video comming soon near u……

  4. showtime says:

    Great job as usual and Adrian, I’ll be in town for the month. We have to hang out. Possibly a Thrusday Night Skate in the classic hot spot?

  5. I A N says:

    whats that song at the end?

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