Supplement – DB Tour 01

Jul 23rd 2006

This video was kindly created and put into the Ipod format for you all by the editor James Reetzke, who made this for the late Daily Bread Magazine. It was due to be a free DVD for subscribers, but as you know that is now not possible. Here at Revival we have instead hosted it up as a supplement for you to download if you like and enjoy – as we feel it is too good to go to waste! Thanks once again to James for taking the time to send me the files and let us put it online for the masses. We have new shows and new videos coming for you also in the next few weeks – including a videocast with the Valo guys during a stop in the UK.

If you are spreading the word about this please link back here as it takes a lot of bandwidth to get stuff like this out and we appreciate people knowing where the files are from. Enjoy!

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  1. Shilo says:

    mannnn i love this video.
    so fun to watch.

  2. Alex Coe says:

    James is my favorite, maybe because life plus 2 is the first video I ever saw and his sections were the best. creative intense editing. and thanks tim for making this happen.

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