Revival – Vidcast 39 – B&W Montage

Apr 27th 2008
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This past year, Geoff Levy was supposed to release a video that finally exposes the hidden talent and potential of the South Florida area. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so due to being really busy in the college selection process for film. Here is the second montage released that was supposed to be in the video. Featuring skating by – Chris Moraco, Chris Luton, Dustin Spengler, Roman Daricek, Derek Princinsky, Eamonn Kelly, Eric Luipersbeck, Brian Long, Chris Padilla, Jon Fromm, Omar Rodriguez, Willie Trebach, Blake Kelly, Cody Porche, Alec Zavell. You can also check it out on our youtube page if you so desire. If you enjoyed the edit be sure to let us know and keep an eye out for many more videos and audio podcasts to come.

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