Revival – Vidcast 31 – 13 Minutes

Jan 28th 2008

Mat Grimes just sent us over this killer edit for you guys featuring spare footage from iRollerblade. 13 minutes long and featuring the likes of Ben Schwab, Richie Velasquez, Austin Paz, Steven Tat, Trevor Tylosky, David Sizemore, Mark Wodja, Mike Koliner, Jordan Dale and many, many, many more it is defiantly a hot joint! When you see the quality of this edit with spare clips you should go pick up iRollerblade with even more hotness…
We have another sick PDF and vidcast coming soon, as well as more new updates. Audio shows are running thin right now but it is for a good reason – we are spending time working on the new site so stay tuned for that. Also if you have not yet answered our questionnaire then please take a moment to do so, we want to make this place even better for you.

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  1. […] Rolling Revival just put up their 31st vidcast, entitled 13 minutes, so if you dyslexic you in luck! This is a 13 minute edit that was made by Mat Grimes with left over footage from iRollerblade. The rollers featured in this edit are Jon Jon Bolino, Ben Schwab, Richie Velasquez, Austin Paz, Steven Tat, Trevor Tylosky, Jordan Dale, plus many more. In this edit you get to see some street skating, some park skating, and just great skating in general. If you end up really liking the edit then pick up a copy of iRollerblade and help support High Tech Media. If you want more information on the edit, or just want to know what is going on with Rolling Revival, go HERE. […]

  2. BorisG says:

    That was cool!
    And STEVEN TAT is sexy on his blades!!

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