Revival – Vidcast 32 – Artur Szymocha Profile

Feb 17th 2008

You will remember Artur from our first PDF podcast, now we have this sick profile to go with it for you all to see! As you will have noticed podcasts have been a bit thin lately but we are working away behind the scenes. Working on a new website and new content which we know will be worth your wait. So check out Artur shredding it and if you want to contribute to help in any way with vidcasts, podcasts or PDF articles then be sure to get in touch with us. Thanks for the support as ever.

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  1. Sajmon PL says:


  2. BorisG says:

    Dude is crazy!
    Especially loved the 450 royale – perfect! And that kink rail savannah (or 270bs savannah) was perfect too!
    Guy is tech as hell – ao fishy both feet? omg!
    Filming could be better, it was not that bad, just not my style i think…
    Keep it up, Artur!

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