Revival – Vidcast 34 – Bittercold Showdown 2008

Feb 24th 2008

The Official 2008 Bittercold Showdown edit is here. ALREADY. Not even 30 hours after the event ended thanks to our boy Brazil. It would have been up earlier if it wasn’t for hotels loosing internet access and car crashes – so thanks again for coming through with the goods after the troubles. So check out what crazyness went down and if you are interested in the results – they are as follows:

1 – Alex Broskow
2 – Jeff Stockwell
3 – Chris Haffey
4 – Brian Shima
5 – David Sizemore

The edit will also be on our youtube page within the next few minutes so check that out if you fancy looking at it in lower quality. Spread the word and keep an eye out for a lot more!

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  1. E rock says:

    is there gonna be an edit of the trade show?

  2. […] Rolling Revival    Rolling Revival – Vidcast 34: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download […]

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