A Revival revival is coming…

Dec 15th 2008

I thought I should post a quick note as it has been a little while I know. I (Tim) was in LA few weeks ago, Adrian was here in the UK last week and I will be back in LA for a while as of next week. We have plans for new content, a new site in the works and more. But we don’t want to just bring you back the same thing – Revival was the first real rollerblading podcast and blog, since then so many others have followed suit. We check emails daily and are always looking for contributes who are willing to help in any way, we just want to make the next relaunch is something special which will be new for not only you, but for rolling in general.
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  1. Nick says:

    I love revival, it was an inspiration for CanadianRoll. I will help you guys in anyway. If you need any news information, Canadian exclusive information just hit up my e-mail. It is good to hear Revival isn’t going anywhere.

  2. john says:

    hey man i live in michigan and i would love tah help you out in any way possible i mean i skate whenever it is possible and the cold wont stop me (rain and snow do though) just hit me up and i will try to help out as much as possible alright

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