An Update for the 11th of January 2009

Jan 10th 2009
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So as you guy’s can see we are working on finalizing our new website for 2009. Because technology can be horrible things break – especially when running a podcast. So we are working on fixing the feed but also giving you the option for a separate audio and video podcast. Still I am ironing things out while sitting in Adrian’s loft in downtown LA. It is fair enough for us to talk about a website or some new technology but people want content… and we have that for you too! Here is some proof for the non believers –

At the Franco Warehouse shooting a vidcast.

Myself and Quinn went down to Santa Ana to see Joe and the guy’s at Franco Shade and shoot a vidcast as well as skate. As you know may or may not know a lot has been changing at Franco so look out for the full low down. (Thanks a lot to Quinn for shooting the edit – and that fisheye you see is the old VG fisheye so you know it should be tight haha) In fact I have skated more since I have been in LA than in the last two months I was in England it has been great! So thing’s are starting to come together and we have filmed a lot of tight stuff for another skating vidcast coming soon. We are trying to fix the site to bring you this new Franco vidcast on Monday, but we also have more video and audio content planned. If you would like to contribute, help out in any way or feel you have something you would like to add please leave us a comment below. We also have a feedback tab on the left hand side where you can add your opinion to topics people would like addressing on Revival. I will try to bring more updates soon but the aim is to get you this content firstly. Sorry for the messy new website but hopefully you you read this I will have fixed it up how I inteded.

Oh and we also have a twitter account now so we can post quick easy updates to anyone who is interested. You can check out our updates at – subscribe!

Thanks to everyone who has kept an eye out for us,


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