Revival – Vidcast 53 – Anthony Gallegos

May 11th 2009

Part of our job, here at Revival is bringing you great skating coverage from around the globe. Whether it’s in the form of a news style audio podcast or a video interview or profile, we’re always on the lookout for content our subscribers will enjoy. We didn’t have to travel very far to bring you this latest vidcast. It comes to us courtesy of one, Jeremy Soderburg and highlight’s a seriously dedicated talent named Anthony Gallegos.

Known as “Wiener” to his friends, Anthony has been rolling steady, with his own style and flair that we have yet to see anyone touch. As much as we love his skating, we’re even bigger fan’s of his humble and friendly persona. It’s rare to encounter a guy incredibly focused and intent on landing a tough switch up, but ready to laugh at himself should he miss. A great asset to the L.A. scene, we’ve been patiently waiting for Anthony to get a proper profile edit completed so we can give him some limelight. Impressing the hell out of everyone, no doubt, you’ll be seeing more of Anthony in the future. Music by Why? – The vowels pt 2. Enjoy kiddies!

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7 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Wiener is SO good it hurts. Was a pleasure to watch & skate with that dude in Cali.

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  3. AarinG says:

    one of my all time favorite rollerbladers, and an awesome person!

  4. gabriel says:

    heyyy guys does tell me the song ?

  5. OmgOmg says:

    my wiener hurts from watching that!

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