Revival – Vidcast 57 – Eric Mandy

Aug 11th 2009

We never seem to have enough time for Revival, but somehow, we treat you guys and gals to talented individuals who practice what they preach.

Love for skating is what it’s all about, and Eric Mandy’s got it. How could he not when he’s as old as I am (30) and has been skating just as long (10). Whenever guys like Quinn, Conner or Jeremy are skating, Eric’s right there, catching clips alongside them.

I’ve known Eric for a number of years and can count on him to skate his ass off consistently. When the session dies down, he’s still trying to one-up himself. He’s made friends with most of the Los Angeles and SoCal scenes and represents the Prodigy Crew. “Show ya love…” for Eric Mandy.

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10 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks Mr. Soderburg.

  2. anthonyGALLEGOS says:

    Mandy is the man! I work hard to have my tricks as well as he does. solid style and great
    attitude! He’s way better then me, i get a lot of my tricks from him. I cant wait to skate with
    him again!

  3. OmgOmg says:

    Eric the “MAN” D

    oh snaps i can see some gray hairs on ya son!

  4. skate2create says:

    awsum style son! got going on!!

  5. got 5 usd skates says:

    hell yea my car looked nice in the edit blue Subaru!
    ohh yea Erick your the man keep up the steezy skate n

  6. corey munckton says:

    want soem revial vinyls send me the art in cdl and i will cut for you and what colour send me some skating gear but

  7. Will Huff says:


  8. AZ says:

    can you tell what song it is, please….?

  9. Roman says:

    I haven’t skated in over 8 yrs and this guy really doesn’t do it for me. It seems like he is trying to hard and he really has no flavor. Not knowing who he is my guess he is an upcoming amatuer, give him a few years and he might have some wow factor.

  10. Eman says:

    Roman: Yeah actually i do try had. I dont’ take skating for granted. Every time i roll up to a ledge or a rail i try hard to improve, i try hard to impress myself, i try had to grown. Give him a few years? i don’t know if you read what Adrian wrote but i’m in my 30’s my man i’ll leave the wow factor to you kids. After 8 yrs you should strap back up.

    P.S. I dont do it for you i do it for myself. Stay up.


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