Revival – Vidcast 54 – Deshi Carboncast

May 16th 2009

So there has been a LOT of hype over the new Deshi Carbon skates. So much in fact that I had to try some out for myself. While doing so myself and Harry Reavley decided to film my first afternoon on the skates to give you an idea of how they roll. I could have happily rambled on in nerdy fashion about small details but instead we decided to make it more fun to watch and let the action do most of the talking. Big shout out to Harry for coming up with a top level edit and getting it done in a day even if it took me a week to get it on the net!

Stay tuned to the audio show for more on the Carbons as well as all the latest news and interviews in rollerblading. Don’t forget to subscribe for free on iTunes and feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed (or didn’t) enjoy the video. Oh and one more big shout out to Oli Benet for giving me the chance to check out the skates – for more details visit

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