Revival – Episode 59 – It’s Just a Phase

Apr 13th 2010

After 3 weeks out, this weeks show had the fortune of having Mike Torres laying around Al’s loft on a Sunday afternoon. We got down to business and even had a chance to talk about Inline Vert skating, which never happens. You’ll find out why later.

For whatever reason, this was a difficult show to edit. Lot’s of pauses and breaks that stemmed from what I imagine was an all around indifferent mood. Mike was cold, I was tired, Tim I believe fell asleep at some point and Al, well, Al was at his best this show. Just the kind of environment you’d expect a curmudgeon like him to thrive on.

Seriously though, I give all my co hosts a bad rap because it was a really fun show filled with mantras you know and love like, “the evolution of style” and classics like “No grind blading”. Don’t forget, the only global skating podcast from England, Detriot and California is Rolling Revival.

Also check out this weeks great POTW of Michel in Munich dropping a sick BS Fahrvergnügen – Photo by Wladislaw Sokolowskij. Enjoy!

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7 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Somethings wrong, this won’t play here or on itunes.

    • Adrian says:

      Sorry about that, our host had some serious problems with our storage segment. The last 3 episodes literally vanished. Problems fixed now and I’ve re-uploaded all of the missing content.

  2. Alan says:

    Awesome, dl’ing the new episode now.

  3. Alan says:

    1.You guys should put out a Rolling Revival Soundtrack zip file, you always have the best into and outro songs haha.

    2. Vert skating has always been dope since day one, but I think it fell off because it got too clean cut and professional. I also think it is partly because vert skaters limited themselves to vert skating only, it would be like a hand rail only skater.

  4. AOR says:

    Thanks for the feature on the pod cast, We are now going to release a printed version of AOR for now on =0) – Rollzine is run by Brandon Ballog and his magazine features the west coast cali

  5. CB says:

    porrada!! essa manobra é uma das minhas preferida.

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