Revival – Vidcast 56 – A Day in Our Lives Vol.1

Jul 6th 2009

We hope your 4th of July weekend was a blast! It’s my pleasure to introduce the first in a series of half hour, documentary style skating videos distributed online and available for free, exclusively through the Rolling Revival podcast. Our Video Producer Quinn Feldman has worked tirelessly capturing and editing the lives of five skaters. Each of which represents a unique kind of talent, diversity and style. Here’s what Quinn had to say about the feature.

The idea behind this series is that we’re all from different places and backgrounds, have different skill levels, but the common bond we share is we all go out and skate and have fun with our friends. These videos are spontaneous and unrehearsed days of skaters going out for the love of skating. My overall goal was to not only entertain our core audience but also to put a personality to the rollerblader. A lot of times we watch an edit and we recognize that the skater is good and we’re impressed but it doesn’t put a face on the skater.”
Featuring full days from: Anthony Williams (CA), Sean Knight (Canada), Mikey Blair (MI), Andrew Scherf aka Beef (AZ) and Ryan Googins (MN).

The video also includes skating from: Iain and Colin McLeod, Ranier Piramide, Michael Obedoza, Brett Dasovic, Brett Hammond, Jake Moreau, Jeph Howard, Quinn Feldman, Ryan Santos, Brian Weiss, Ryan Roux, DP, Chris Farmer and many more.

We at Revival recognize the responsibility to establish greater culture and vision within the skating community. As important as it is to focus on competitive feats, progress in rollerblading means not only looking to the future, but doing so with nostalgia for the past.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the years, and our hope is that every rollerblader gets to share in “the worldwide clique”. My thanks to Quinn for working so hard and producing something of a first in rollerblading videos. We’ll have a DVD ISO available tomorrow, so you can burn your own DVD copy and distribute this video all your own. Another first, in a history of firsts, only on Revival.

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  2. Huy says:

    Awesome. I will download this when I get home from work tonite.

  3. Justin Covington says:

    hahaha cool vid, and quinn besides the cherry limeade drink , sonic is legit the worst food joint on earth haha

  4. dip says:

    Want to watch second part. Good idea!

  5. […] The original post can be found on the Rolling Revival Website HERE. […]

  6. sam says:

    what is the name of the song at 16:30? btw awesome vid, sweet skating

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