Revival – Episode 61 – Don’t listen to me

May 19th 2010
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Last week was a no brainer. It didn’t require any thought to know a new episode HAD to be recorded. It was three weeks in the making after all.

It really does start to drive us a bit mad when we’ve gone that long without recording a new show. Al was traveling/skating during episode 61, but he still managed to find some time to tell us about Don’s new Razors skate. Dedicated to the game for sure. Tim and I we’re having a good ‘ol time just being ourselves, bullshitting about our pastime and being realistic about our current situation. We also had an opportunity to play your listener voicemails. Pretty sweet we thought, it’s not everyday you get a message from Cameron Card.

We read the news so you don’t have to… but eventually end up having to, to watch the amazing freaking skate edits we talk about. Read em and weep!

This weeks POTW and winner of the almighty dollar is POTW. Photo by Cesar Macay. Enjoy!

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Episode 61 Show Notes:

Hardware / Product News

New Fifty-50 Frame Samples

Loco Valos

New USD Imperials


Website / Internet

Chirs Haffey joining the Nitro Circus, Touring Australia.

Colin Kelso Interview at

Jake Eley/LocoSkates Interview

Joey McGarry Interview on Fruitboot.Wordpress

Lookback #5 : Suporting Angry Youth

The Create Originals 2010 Am Team: Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo, Mark Wojda

Edit / Video News

New Vinny Minton edit best thing ever ever

Team Mix (1) XSJADO 2010

Vibralux Snapback Promo

Jeff Dalnas – Spring 2010

Razors 2010 Australian Rolling Open

Event/ Contest News

Chaz Invite

Rampworks :
Brett Davies :

1st. CJ Wellsmore (Australia) £2000
2nd. Chaz Sands (Scotland) £1000
3rd. Soichiro Kanashima (Japan) £500

FISE Pro Results

Pro street:

1st. Romain Godenaire
2nd. CJ Wellsmore
3rd. Roman Abrate

Email us at – rollingrevival[at]gmail

Revival POTW

Links to mention


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