Revival – Episode 62 – Intermittent as never

Jul 26th 2010

We started the show off by adding a new news category. The rumors section of the show featured some interesting happenings in the world of rollerblading. No reason to stick to strictly published news when we can pretty much do or say as we please. Our legitimacy is slightly questionable anyway.

That led us into a crazy debate about Casualty pulling a Franco Shade. Whatever that means!? Lot’s of awesome hardware news which is a treat and a rarity. And of course our signature internet news and video edit highlights.

As if that weren’t enough, we also fill you in on all of this months events happening around the U.S.

This weeks POTW and winner of the almighty dollar is Derek Brabender with a shot of Cody Laplant doing an AO Fish – POTW. Enjoy!

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Episode 62 Show Notes:


@E_Rodriguez09: Attention Muthafuckers! Iain Mcleod is now riding Razors #PeaceOutCarbons

Clothing / Softgoods

Casualty Summer 2010

Hardware / Product News

Crazy Kuff Karbunz

Kaltik Production Frame for more info
Available exclusively through Aggressive Mall

Rob G Pro Model from Rollerblade

Website / Internet

Mark Korte leaving Powerslide

Vibralux Tour Life Days 33-36

Aragon in the Esco news

Montre Livingston and Kevin Dowling came to visit New York City for their Olympus tour.

Oli benoooot is chewing gum man

Chris Haffey Nitro Circus [interview]

Short Cheap Flick from Low Life – Upcoming Video – Trailer 2

Edit / Video News

Bruno Loewe

Marcus & Victor for XSJADO 2010 by Brandon Negrete

gumby + frankie irven

SDSF – Rob Z (Rob Zbranek)

A Day in Our Lives Episode 8

The Conference Show of Force Tour in BCN

Zak Buys by Harry

In the Dark by Kyle Couture

This is dope

Event/ Contest News

9th Annual Windy City Riot – July 31st 2010 Chicago IL US

Three Amigos Blade and BBQ – July 31st 2010 in Santa Ana, CA

LA All Day – August 7th Santa Monica CA

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Revival POTW

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by rollingrevival and Intuition Skate Shop, Intuition Skate Shop. Intuition Skate Shop said: RT @rollingrevival: Episode 61 has been posted to the site. […]

  2. Just want to let you and everyone know, as co-owner of Casualty, we are not pulling a “franco-shade” we are still a rollerblading company at its core and will always be. We have no rollerblade content on the blog now just as a matter of we have been busy and not skating a lot recently, there will be rollerblading related posts soon. We try to sell in shops outside of rollerblading not to distance ourselves but too try to make money to make more and better stuff to have for rollerbladers. Rollerblading as business is not always the best financially and to keep going it helps to have money coming from elsewhere.

    • Adrian says:

      I completely agree with your brand strategy Brendan, thanks for chiming in.

    • al dolega says:

      Good to hear, Brendan. I didn’t mean for it to get so intense on the show, but sometimes it happens anyways, haha.

      For the record, I think selling through non-skate outlets (boutiques, fashion stores, etc) is awesome. What I would have a problem with is companies hiding or abandoning their rollerblading roots in order to gain access to those markets. I’m glad to hear you guys aren’t doing that.

  3. Craig says:

    Great show as always. Thanks for showing NYC some love.

  4. Alan says:

    Have you guys looked into Buddypress?

    • Adrian says:

      Yes, I’ve head of and installed buddypress. Just out of curiosity, why do you ask? Or, what was this comment in regard to Alan? You think we (Revival) should host other bladers blogs?

      • Alan says:

        Ummm, I don’t remember why I mentioned this now, you guys mentioned something in the show about doing something new and thought that might be something interesting you guys could do. Buddypress isn’t necessarily about user blogs, but more of facebook style conversations and now its going to be much more integrated with bbpress for messageboarding.

  5. uk roller says:

    When’s the next show guys? best podcast on the web!! i stopped rolling for 4 years, since hearing your show i got juiced enough to come back from major knee trauma and get blading again. I’d just like to thank you :).

    Peace and love amigos x

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