Revival – Episode 55 – Summer ABC’s

Jul 20th 2009

Back for more round table bullshit, with Episode 55! I forget what we talked about yesterday… I do so many different kinds of drugs, it’s hard to keep track. I’m pretty sure we talked about and definitely discussed at length. Let’s see, also covered some edits and recognized the awesome curatorship that Alan Huges has bestowed upon We told Tim to stop repping Eulogy, cause that shit is annoying. It’s all about StreetArtist this summer. More insights and punditry from the only assholes dumb enough to hit record. You know the drill by now, the one and only rollerblading podcast. This is Revival episode 55!

Of course you can follow along with all of our news items which can be found on our delicious links page by clicking here You can also check out a video edit playlist for episode 55 here. Oh and don’t forget to check out the POTW here. Enjoy!

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  1. […] I love Rolling Revival. I love all the great, and original, material they put out. That why when I say that they had recently put out their 55th podcast I was excited to sit back and have a listen. Be sure to check out the show HERE. […]

  2. sean says:

    Adrian is a wanker. Standing up for an industry that holds a lot of the responsibility for keeping rollerblading down. ‘Don’t say skateboarding never did anything for rollerblading.’ Bring back Al please.

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