Revival – Vidcast 1 – Barnburner 2006

Mar 28th 2006

Episode 5

This is our first video cast and it comes to you from this years Barnburner Contest at skatebarn west. It was the craziest yet and thanks to Empire we have this exclusive edit for you all to check out including interviews with the winners and pros. Special thanks to Azikwee and Jon for getting this hooked up so well and so fast – as well as Matt Andrews for being a hero and making our dope Revival motion graphic. If your use itunes dont forget you can subscribe to all our audio podcasts and videos using the link below – help get rolling recognised. This edit is ipod formatted (m4v) – so just drag it onto your video Ipod if you have one, or play it in your itunes, vlc or quicktime! We have more to come in both audio and video very soon as usual. Episode 6 of the weekly podcast will be up at the end of the week – and don’t forget to leave your comments and ideas as ever. On a quick final note – Micah and co. made a dope edit over at the exclusives, and Empire has a gallery up also so check those out also for more of the barnburner experience.

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13 Responses

  1. drew says:

    always on the tip of everything, good sweet little edit gets me through then end of winter for us canadians


  2. Jon says:

    Nice edit and everything, those contests are always off the hook.
    I really like the song, who is it? Cheers from Sweden!

  3. Foueddy-F says:

    OMFG ! This was the shit !!!
    Good job ! Hope to see more Revival vidcasts soon ;)

  4. frodo says:

    that videocast put the cherry on top guys! you are officially my most favorite podcast! you just passed up martha stewarts cooking tipcast! haha, j/k. you were always #1! I don’t even like martha (I swear)

  5. rocaavin says:

    very nice edit, great contest,

    good stuff mate

  6. jdcaron says:

    A big thumbs up for this video!

  7. JE says:

    Good start and surely more to come!

  8. Piers says:

    Nice edit, sick tune, sicker skating!

  9. […] Voila un edit que j’avais po vue et pourtant il en vaut le coup. Le concept Revival dans toute sa splendeur, c’est a dire des interview et les impressions des skaters avec aussi de très bonne images du dernier Barn Burner. A voir sans hésitation. Explore posts in the same categories: Videos, Edit, Report […]

  10. word sik stuff there,i wanna go to barnburner looks amazing,keep it up rollingrevival and ille c u on the conference tour UK peace

  11. Jun says:

    Skating is unreal! Great clip, great tune (btw, the tune is “Crazy”, by Gnarls Barkley).

  12. Bill Compton says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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