Revival – Episode 10 – Wise Man Say…

May 1st 2006

Episode 10

For this week – the 10th episode we have a true rollerblading icon and ledgend as our guest Arlo Eisenberg! (Thedigitalmessiah / Eisenbergs) Here are the links from the show on our page. Thanks to our supporters like Daily Bread, Empir3, Clip and our Sponsor Rat-Tail Distribution – Please help to keep us going and support the supporters – Check out the banners on the right for the freshest stuff out there and be supporting Revival at the same time! Thanks again to Arlo for coming on the show and Chris Mitchell for the pic – plus don’t forget to enter this weeks contest to win one of five copies of Clip3 (tune in for details)!

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3 Responses

  1. ricardo lino says:

    hey hey hey guys…that was sick…
    by the way u can get the RB flipflops at GH…

    take it easy…keep up the nice work..;)

  2. rolling stoned says:

    congrats on your double digits!!
    amazing that youve come this far!
    the interview was in depth and on point! gotta love Arlo!
    will keep supporting you and looking forward to your episodes.

    anyway we can support other than subscribe?
    spread the word!

  3. Urbn^nja says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with most of Arlo’s reactions in this podcast actually and never saw him as the sort of “reluctant leader”. Now he seems that way and also more of a follower too preferring to watch than skate, though he still loves to skate nonetheless. He seems to want to shy the responsibility also and wants to direct it over to Roadhouse because Roadhouse seems to be a kind of Tony Hawk, the guy who came AFTER the experimental period. Arlo didn’t seem to understand that we pay homeage to those guys who were actually there from the onset. I’d rather pay homeage to those guys from the very onset like Jess D and Chris Edwards. I now that he handdles Super Hick, has a hand in Franko Shade design and is pretty much involved in some hardcore rollerblading work like Black Market but my problem is that he seems very evasive when it comes to responsibility because it doesn’t seem that rewarding, which I understand is sometimes the case with lots of people. Where I am I’m pretty much a legend and in the beginning I didn’t want the responsibility but I realized that I was there since day one doing what I do and I knew only I could be the leader and that’s who I am today in Antigua: the roller younger rollers can look up to and I’m proud of it now because when the leader messes up I can blame myself and change the bad personality traits that I made and yet at the same time becoem better at leading. Finally, I really don’t aggree with Arlo saying that we have “NOTHING to lose”. Is he for real? Where at a good position right now using underground sub-culture at its best. We’ve managed to reach out to those hidden pockets of rollers in most other countries such as Japan, Poland, France, Romania, Greece, Australia, Canada, Russia, German, and even recently Brazil and Columbia. Because rollers are slowly moving up the ladder throwing edits online, giving their all to boot design, repping what they and are proud of it (B Unique, Sifika, Franko Shade, Epoch, so many companies repping and showing that they are serious) Other countries that we had no idea have a scene going on are showing their love for rolling in their unique ways. I never knew anything about the Polish scene up until Zero346 with Adam Zuraweki and Bartek. The scene is no longer confined to what the Uk adn US mostly offer: we’re getting aid. We even have a FLAMING PODCAST which reaches out even further than a message borad or rollernews site can!!! We have a lot to lose if we simply just throw it all away now. We could end up losing the slow grip on the world that we have now if we stopped taking rolling seriously. Finally as for the motivation for rollers to rep and roll I just say that we aren’t there yet but at the rate that we’re going it will come. everyone has to remember that it would be different in the West with the whole skateboarding scene being so strong and making some weak rollers feel inferior and unmotivated only wanting to roll in private. The East has a strong rolling influence and they’re motivation is very strong. To me I think overall the motivation in rollers is quite strong but anyways. Thanx for listening.

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