Revival – Episode 29 – The Introduction

Nov 30th 2006

Episode 29

After a busy show last week we have a bunch of news to catch up with for you guys. We announce the winner to the ‘Hey Dude VM’ contest as well as give you a chance to win a copy of Accidental Machines – the new flick from Mindgame! Check out this weeks POTW as ever and for all our show links click here.

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14 Responses

  1. Ad®ian says:

    The holidays make me crazy. Thank you, goodnight.

  2. alan says:

    now i am no photographer, but am i the only one driven crazy by this week’s potw? you cant even see his feet, for all i know he has shoes on just standing there with his arms in the air. well i guess you can see his front wheels peeking out so at least you know he does have skates on, but still, id rather see a photo with someones head cut out than their feet cut out.

  3. Mike Donovan says:

    I think that picture is sick and hell yea to dan and steve for winning that shit. Steve is to good and that ledge is crazier than it looks

  4. Nolan says:

    Im pretty sure if your having anykind of trouble seeing whats going on here your an idiot. Sick picture!!!!

  5. dallas says:

    the only problem with this pic is the fact that the video is covering up the scetchy bank he had to roll up to that

  6. Tim says:

    We don’t pick crappy photos for our POTW. I think that one is sick as hell, but yeah we can’t please everyone!

  7. buck taurus says:

    Steve Lerner recently found out he is the father to over 10,000 slave children in south east asia. Congrats Steve.

  8. alan says:

    well i didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings, like i said im not even a photographer so you really shouldnt take my opinion so personal. obviously most people seem disagree with me on this but you dont see me calling anyone an idiot either you know. i think everything else about the photo looks good.

  9. Jeff says:

    During the D-Structure Grand Opening, they also Premiered the Heat Team Video. Check out our review and a video edit of the grand opening / heat video premiere at .

    Peace. -Jeff

  10. gipper says:

    to alan: The reason you got powned for your comment is the way you said it. At least thats how it looks to me.

  11. alan says:

    well i guess saying it drives me crazy does sound a little harsh and i apologize, but it does drive me crazy to see a picture where 3/4 of the most important part is cut out. i totally respect everyone and their opinions that think i am wrong, i just wanted to try and make my point you know?

  12. Jeff says:

    Actually, when I read your comment I saw exactly what you were talking about.. it would have been better if the skater was doing the trick on the outside of the ledge rather than the inside… The angle and colors are nice, but I’d second your opinion by saying that noone but rollerbladers would know what’s going on in that photo. pz

  13. Jeff says:

    oops.. sorry, just saw and now i understand the reason the photo is how it is. :) my bad.

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