Revival – Vidcast 21 – Detroit FNS

Jun 28th 2007

This week Al Presents a little Friday Night Skate edit from Detroit Michigan edited by Nate Moore. See some sick skating on various obstacles by all the local guys.

Featuring: Noah Zipster, Don Bambrick, Sean Quinn, Edward Gilley, Scott Berels, Brian Murphy, Tom Wurm, Diana Ward and many more!

Episode 40 is done and recorded with Frodo and Collin Martin and will be up in the next couple of days!

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  1. Vincent says:

    dude that was a sick edit love the end lines

  2. […] Давно что-то не было обновлений от РР, но они исправили ситуацию, выпустив свой 21 видкаст Detroit Friday Night Skate, лично мне очень нравятся подобные эдиты, отличная атмосфера, неплохое катание, в общем все с со знаком “+”. […]

  3. Jeff says:

    yah Wurmy, nice to see you in this edit! peace. all new site coming soon! Nice to see everyone else I know from this edit too! :)

    sick edit guys – this and the previous edit just proves that there are spots and great skaters in places other than CA.


  4. James says:

    really liked this edit, haha yeah the synchronized lines were sick and the spots were nice…that marble ledge especially and those fat pipes or whatever keep it up RR

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