Revival – Vidcast 28 – The Truth Premiere

Dec 23rd 2007

Busting out updates for you guys again here at Revival! Today we have a sick edit from the NJ premiere of ‘The Truth‘ by Austin Paz and the Kelso Brothers. I also just got off the phone with Austin for a little audio interview for the next show, we will be fully recording that in the next two days. This edit features the likes of Sean Kelso, Antony Soto, Austin P, Colin Kelso, Franco Cammayo, Erik Stokely, and more! It’s a nice 720 wide video so enjoy and to find out more on The Truth – check the myspace.

If you have not checked the site in a while we also just put up a mini episode with Joey G about Casualty Clothing which we highly recommend you check out if you have not already. Stay tuned for the new show coming very shortly and be sure to subscribe on itunes if you have not already. Thanks as ever to all our sponsors which you can see on the side of the site.

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  1. BorisG says:

    Something is wrong with this – audio is late for 4 seconds or smth like that..

    sick edit, Everyone killin it!

  2. alex says:

    what is the song in this edit… nice work by the way.

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