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May 20th 2008

Episode 48

Jesus it has been a long ass while since we recorded an audio show! Well with getting a lot of work done in our own lives we finally got around to recording Episode 48 today! This is the start of things getting back on track for us and Adrian, Al and Tim are all present on the show. we have the links for this weeks show available by clicking here. Oh and don’t forget to check out the POTW here.

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5 Responses

  1. Justin Baker says:

    hey guys,

    glad you guys finally recorded a new show

    i had been waiting since december

  2. Cata says:

    ooo YES !!! a new show !!!!
    Excellent job, love your shows :) !!!

  3. Dale Travers says:

    Wicked guys, nice to be back and listening to something instead of reading msg boards..great job

  4. nick bentham says:

    hey tim, im moving to brooklyn on july 21st! if you need a place to crash come stay in my apartment

    also on august 2nd ill be moving to manhatten so if your still around come have a house warming party. we will deffo have to meet up and skate

    keep it english haha

  5. Tim says:

    Hell yeah man that sounds dope! Il be around until the 3rd so will have to hook up, thanks man.

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