Revival – Vidcast 48 – Iain McLeod

Jan 21st 2009


2009 really is the year of renewed optimism and possibility for Revival. As change rolls over America, an unassuming addition to our small collective has given this show a serious shot in the arm. Quinn Feldman is as restless, as he is relentless about rolling. He’s skating better than ever, and yet, manages to seriously consider joining Revival as a new host and producer. We couldn’t be more exited to have him. When it came time for Quinn to consider what skaters he’d like to feature on Revival, one name came to mind, Iain McLeod.

Iain’s name shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you. He’s a world renowned skater with over a decade of blading and a signature pro model boot under his belt. And yet, as you watch this video I dare you NOT to be surprised by his tech style and flawless execution. Were it not for his recent section in Shot from Dark, we’d be pulling out DVD releases from years past to renew our appreciation of Iain’s abilities. If you’ve ever wondered what go’s on in Iain’s head when he’s busy NOT falling you’ve come to the right place. Quinn sat down with Ian and friend Conner O’Brien, for a little one on one on what makes Ian tick. We hope you enjoy it, and we know you’ll be tuning in for even more rollerblading coverage on

Music by Dickie Bass, check him out for some dope beats. That’s if he is not being lazy and lagging on putting some up! Oh and feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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16 Responses

  1. like um like yea? says:

    If you guys are gonna have quinn doing interviews, he really needs to stop saying “like, um, like, uhh, like, ya know” so often. its just annoying. valley girl style!

    but other than that it was cool. Iain is one of my favorite skaters!

    • Tim says:

      That was Quinn’s first interview. As soon as we edited it Quinn mentioned to us that he said like too much and was critical about his part in the video which was good to hear. When I first started the show I couldnt string a sentence together without saying ‘urrrm’ so yeah things will be even better from now on and your comment is taken. I still commend this for his first video and it can only get better!

    • Adrian says:

      I don’t really feel the need to defend Quinn here, because there would be no update if it wasn’t for him. That said, interviewing, like skating, takes practice.

  2. yoooooo says:

    full ao topsoul 720 off is so ridiculous.

  3. […] More infos about the article & video download (mp4). Thanks Magico (forums). […]

  4. Quinn says:

    I do say like a lot in it and I do notice and i will be working on it but the interview was just questions off the top of my head I was just coming up with them as we went along so it was a little hard and
    I will be praticing my interviewing skills as well as writing the questions down ahead of time.

  5. Vincent Morretino says:

    Haha, I was just chillin’, watching the interview, and my name comes up. :D

    I’ll try to post pictures of the car accident, it’s pretty raw.

    Sick skating, Iain.


  6. D Crasher says:

    I dont care what Quin said too much or what he didint it was a normal conversation!
    Ian Is the best motherfucker out there just skating with hime for like 15 minutes hel do the most craziest shit yol see!

  7. ian says:

    that was cool, glad to see the interview with iain because i really like his skating a lot and didnt know anything about him. not to be picky, i know it wasnt too formal of an interview, but honestly that hookah was sort of distracting… same thing with montre trying to roll a joint during his one interview haha.

  8. ivan narez says:

    please don’t have quinn do anymore interviews until he learns proper framing and hones his interview skills. Well actually just stay on the blades, your not a good cameraman, good rollerblader yes though. Could have been alot more interesting if maybe CONNOR, who said sitting next to iain helped out.
    with that said wtf full aotopsoul 720……..

  9. […] It looks like Rolling Revival is back in full force, this time with an Ian McLeod interview. I have always liked Ian’s skating and to be honest watching the clips that are in this interview, it seems like he has actually improved. Be sure to subscribe to Revival on Itunes to get the higher resolution version, but if quality is not a factor, check out the youtube version below. To see the original post go HERE. […]

  10. Anthony Luna says:

    I thought it was just fine… Stop being so picky you fucks…..
    Rollerblading is Judge mental enough.
    you can’t be happy to just get the information.
    Good Job Quinn

  11. J82A says:

    ONE Video mmm

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