Revival – Episode 52 – Bittercold Rundown

Mar 4th 2009


Back on a roll and back with a new podcast for you all. This week we have everyone present as well as JC Rowe to mainly talk about what just went down at the BCSD in Detroit. We also wrap up a bunch of news as ever so check it out and keep an eye out for plenty more where this came from. Photo for this week is taken from Be-Mags update from the BCSD, taken by Jero.

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  3. Jeff Sawyer says:

    I can understand where Quinn is coming from on the competition stuff.. I think if you re-word the question and make it about the less-established / ams having to qualify in order to compete with the established pros then everyone elses arguments make more sense. No one questions that the pros will make it through the rounds… However, I do wonder if pacing themselves, warming up and practicing a bit in a qualifying round isn’t actually a benefit. I hope this makes sense… I was getting lost enough listening to you guys argue about it.

    Thanks for the mention of Rollerhome Spots! We have something else lined up too. Hopefully we’ll be able to share it with you guys very soon…

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