Dec 30th 2005

Revival is a podcast for rollers by rollers. The show, site and all thing revival presented to you by Ourselves – Tim and Adrian. We bring you News, Reports, Theorys, Interviews, Profiles and a whole lot more. Giveaways will also be happening for products, clothing and subscriptions to Rollingedits premium services. Supplements to go with episodes such as video profiles, events or tours will also be dropped when relevant to bring you the best from rolling. We are going to put on a truly worldwide show, as we are both located on the other sides of the planet and have people contributing from many more locations we will be able to bring news relevant and interesting to all rollers.

Podcast? Ipod your thinking? Well it’s not limited to that at all – not only can you get the cast via Itunes (podcast directory) for your Ipod but also for any mp3 player or even listen just via your computer! Every two weeks the latest episode will pop up, and keep any eye on the site for all the extras.

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Feel Free to ask any questions, leave a comment or contact us if you feel you have something to contribute, whether it be Musical, Artistic, Product wise or support for the site, hosting, fee’s. It’s all welcome. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our forum where we will post some special topics where you can interact with the show, get your questions answered by our guests as well as much much more.

Tim & Adrian – Revival.

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  1. hey just listend to the podcast nice work keep it up peace

  2. Aharon Smith says:

    This is awesome! Keep up the revival… I’m saved haha

  3. RemzRoller2 says:

    This is a sick thing for rollerblading. Im a huge fan and keep up the good work!

  4. Bruno Loewe says:

    hey guys
    There is a new Balkan tour coming this year so just jack out our new website with Trailer of the last 2 tours and pictures.

    thanks a lot
    bruno loewe

  5. craig says:

    Hey Tim and Adrian,

    I run a New York based rollerblading site and would like to get our scene more involved with Rolling Revival. You can contact me at the provided email address. Thanks.

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