Revival – Episode 1 – Brand New

Feb 11th 2006

Episode 1

Here is episode one kids! Check out all the links mentioned in the show here. Be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think, or of course feel free to contact us using the contact page. It’s been tough to get this out there but from now on we are Rolling…literally! If you notice a hitch – we apologise but from trials and errors episode 2 will be up on time and without any glitches. It took a few takes, but from now on as I say it will be a lot cleaner. Many thanks to Daily Bread for supporting (as well as everyone else who has), I know we didnt mention it in the show as we recorded it after I spoke to the guys – but we appreciate it so much. So look out for a fresh show every two weeks people!

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30 Responses

  1. JE says:

    Good stuff guys…can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

  2. Foueddy-F says:

    OMG ! Everything looks so great !!!
    Very nice job !


  3. Koubis says:

    Good Job Guys ! Can’t wait to hear the next Episodes ;)

  4. Jared E. says:

    Good stuff, really liking the interview and just basically everything. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to hear the next one.

  5. Revival Rollcast, Podcast…

    Revival is a podcast for rollers by rollers. The show, site and all thing revival presented to you by Ourselves – Tim and Adrian. We bring you News, Reports, Theorys, Interviews, Profiles and a whole lot more. Giveaways will also be happening for pr…

  6. Vl'daine says:

    You guys should talk about Blake Putnam, he is hitting up the rolling scene in Russia pretty hard.

  7. mastalee says:

    That was a great episode keep up the good work!!!!!

  8. hey guys great show reali digin it. few ideas how some reveiws on skates . big shout out to all the northern ireland rollers

  9. Ru_Stockwell says:

    hey, Vl’daine
    I didn’t hear anything about him! Who is that!

  10. Greg Allison says:

    Very [professional. Great job. I will definately check this every two weeks.

  11. Mike Davis says:

    Way to go guys! A rolling podcast is the perfect thing to get rollerblading back out there. The news is ausome too. keep it up.

  12. Vl'daine says:

    He not in podcast, he should be. He tear the scene up in Russia, he skate with Evgeniy Leonov lots. Cab Kind Cab out.

  13. aubtig12 says:

    hell yea man this shit is good. its somethin i can listen to and fix my skates without having to go check all these sites. its great!

  14. Basza says:

    great idea guys, I`m looking forward to next episode and hopr to contribute sth form Poland in future !

  15. micah says:

    pretty sick, in the future it’d be rad to figure out how to do the chapeters where images show up and change with what you’re talking about, i know the ricky gervais podcast does that and it rules.

    some food for thought!

  16. Tim says:

    I did’nt know you could do that! Good idea – We will look into it!

  17. Sam Currie says:

    Really impressed guys…got a little twitch in my pants there, can’t wait for my next dose x

  18. Sophie says:

    well done tim and adrian!

  19. marshall says:

    Awesome job guys. Rolling needs more stuff like this

  20. JAB says:

    Sick man, can’t wait to check it out!

    awesome work

  21. Arron,reping the bridge!!!! says:

    yer tim sounding good and its such a good fucking idea!!!and ive got skype aswell ,its well good!well ill see you soon though mate!oh and im of to amsterdam next week but after that we gotta go to p-town so i can get that damn disaster back unity!ight well keep up the good work!!!! peaceeee!!!!

  22. raVen says:

    dude. amazing. loved the rev.s and interview. keep it up man. L8

  23. John says:

    trick tips???

  24. perris says:

    When is the next episode gonna be up?

  25. Tim says:

    Very soon, Recording it today!

  26. jason reyna says:

    very impressed and supportive of this project. if i can help in any way i’d love to help.
    love – jason reyna

  27. frodo says:

    I am downloading the first episode as we speak and I cannot wait to hear it. I was looking through the podcasts on itunes the other day and was wondering when someone is going to make a rollerblading podcast. thanks guys. lets talk to valo about making a monthly video podcast. that would be sick. thanks again.

  28. david MARQUEZ says:

    I am a spanish great fan of yours podcast. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS. -thanks. The reason why i am interested to write this is becouse i have all the REVIVAL PODCAST from 8(included ) to number 20.
    I would like to recive the number 1 to 7.Becouse i cant download from ITUNES.
    Is it possible? i send my email.
    Please !
    Enjoyyy Rolling

  29. Cleveland Shannon says:


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