Revival – Vidcast 18 – Bittercold 07 #2

Mar 8th 2007

The big one is here people! Our second Bittercold Showdown Vidcast created by Dan Kinney, Filmed by Mike Torres and Presented by our man Al Dolega. A slightly different take from our first video we take you through the tradeshow, event and much much more – giving you the true feel of the event. The download is large at 100mb but is perfect for your quicktime player or ipod so check it out!

Featuring: Sean Kelso, Jon Julio, James St Ours, JC Rowe, Adam Johnson, Nick Wood and a tonne more!

(We also have a new show recorded from last week but I have not had one second free to get it sorted – It will be up before the week ends. We just focussed on getting these vidcasts up – thanks, Tim)

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  1. brazil says:

    sick edit. the dvd should be sick all around. next years will be even better… already got plans for an edit ;-)

  2. skates says:

    I love AL.
    The king of skate hardware

  3. Phill says:

    Nice one guys, on this and all previous episodes too.
    However, I have a request – what chance future vidcasts could be posted in multiple formats? My generic portable video player(mobile phone) doesn’t support m4v , so if there’s any chance of a 3gp or mp4 version in the future, that’d be just great. Ta.

  4. Tim says:

    If you change an m4v to mp4 it will still play – it is basically an mp4 file, just more suited for itunes. But yeah try just changing the file extension to mp4 and it should work! But yes we will try to put up as many versions as possible – thanks man!

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