Revival – Vidcast 23 – Windy City Riot 2007

Sep 25th 2007

This edit is probably the most special vidcast we have put out to date here on Revival. Roll Series and Reality Media Studios present “The Windy City Riot 2007” an official Brazilionaire joint, Kanye West “stronger” remake. Check out what went down at this years finals with this really awesome edit showing what rolling is all about. Do us and rollerblading a favor and spread the word about this to everyone by linking to this page or our youtube please!

At the end of the edit there is also details on the up and coming Roll Series park circuit that will include Bittercold showdown, Superhick, Barn Burner, SDSF and more.

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  1. […] Именно такое название получил новый видкаст от RollingRevival , из названия ясно о чем пойдет речь, скоро будет доступна и ютюб версия, а если не хочется ждать, то можно скачать [*.mov / 86.7 Мб]. Ту мэни сик стаф, итс маст си видкаст, *ичь ) […]

  2. […] According to Rolling Revival, this is the most special vidcast that they have ever put up, and I must say I agree. This edit is presented by the Roll Series, Roll Media Studio and is an official Brazillionaire production, and deals with the 2007 Windy City Riot. The production is really well done, it is one of the better edits I have ever seen, so I think people should really check it out. One important note is, the guys from Revival has said to spread this video as much as possible, so if you have a website, blog, or just want to add it to a media site, do it. As always, subscribe to Rolling Revival on Itunes, if you haven’t already, and also, subscribe to their Youtube page which is HERE. To see the new vidcast go to THIS PAGE. […]

  3. Phill says:

    Illness. Nice one guys.

  4. BorisG says:

    More Sizemore!!!!!!!!!
    haha =)

  5. me says:

    the hoedown isn’t going to be part of the park roll series?

  6. me2 says:

    its not for sure yet

  7. wes says:

    That shit was hot! Nice work Brazil… Love the ending! Just got a good vibe and it reminded me how much fun BCSD was.

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