Revival – Vidcast 24 – AIL Pro Invitational

Oct 3rd 2007

You’ve been asking so we’re on par to deliver! The AIL Pro Invitational, part of the AIL World Championships that just went down @ Woodward West. Check out all you’re favorite pro’s competing head to head @ a great event with some next level skating. I was up all night editing this shit and even made in to work on time, so do me a favor and show your love, subscribe to the one and only Revival Rollcast.

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  1. peel says:

    YAAAY, thanks for the edit guys. Wish I could have made it!

  2. […] With a 10,00 dollar purse up for grabs the championship event was by far, some of the most amazing skating I’ve seen all year. This contest was a true culmination of skill and unfortunately for some, a major reality check. I was going to take a moment to highlight some of more interesting parts of the contest. However, seeing as I’ve stayed up well past my bedtime editing, I’ll let the latest Revival vidcast cloud your judgment. […]

  3. […] Some of the Revival members went down to the AIL World Championships that went down at Woodward West. Overall great vidcast, well put together. So if you want to see the crazy tricks that went down at AIL, subscribe to the Revival Podcast, and check out THIS PAGE, for more information. […]

  4. BorisG says:

    who’s that dudein the veryend of b-roll? looks like Matt Mickey, but the camera was fail.

  5. al dolega says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap.

  6. […] Так мне понравилось, что ничего даже говорить не буду, скачать можно здесь [*.mp4 / 41.8 Мб], но все же как всегда лучше подписаться на подкасты через iTunes. Растем… […]

  7. black brink says:

    what song is thattttttt

  8. kingstoned says:

    super good, the stockwell clips alone blow that piece of junk of an edit you put up last week ot the water like a slippery salmon into the paws of a grizzly in the picture perfect misty mountains of canada…awwwwww snap go my night hardware wheels, actually that’s a lie i couldn’t even get my bearings in the little black sausage gobblers. good work guys, hand jobs all around x

  9. al dolega says:

    that was matt mickey, and his sony trv900.

  10. black brink says:

    nvrm i found it its called paper planes by mia n that edit is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. dwen says:


  12. Aidas says:

    song is M.I.A – Paper planes i guess

  13. doug says:

    what was the rap song the crazy ass sick one

  14. the_inline_kid says:

    that song’s kickass and so was the backflip from the guy in the yellow shirt

  15. Scott W says:

    Burlness. Haffey gets so frickin high and I was lovin Frankys 540 alley oop disaster porn. Props to Stockwell for fakie rollin the satellite and Bails for laying down the back royale on the satellite, and almost to fakie. wtf. I love all of you!

  16. RichieUT435 says:

    I made it out to the contest and theres really no way to express the happyness of going. I partied with the pros. All of which were the nicest people ever. So many free things if you knew where to look;) and an electricity you can only feel by being thier. edit dosn’t do it justice. respect the legends…ARLO8!

  17. deshi ch 1 says:

    what is the name of the man in the yellow shirt

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